About the Programme

Part-time Teacher Induction Programme (PTIP) is offered by the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). This 6-hour programme will equip part-time teaching and instructing staff with basic and essential teaching skills in the VTC context. 

Target Participants

The programme is designed for newly-appointed part-time teaching and instructing staff who have not obtained any prior teacher training and have not attended the Introduction to Teaching Programme (ITP) offered by the CLT.


The programme aims to equip part-time teaching and instructing staff with the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes in teaching learners of VTC and facilitating their learning effectively.

Programme Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme, participants would be able to:

  •  adopt various learning and teaching approaches to cater for different learners in the VTC context;
  •  identify the link between intended learning outcomes, learning and teaching activities, and assessment;
  •  discuss the application of e-Learning in the VTC; and
  •  facilitate students' learning by employing various functions of Moodle.

Programme Structure

The 6-hour programme comprises 2 modules. They are:

Module 1: Facilitating Effective Learning

Module 2: e-Learning@VTC

Mode of Delivery

Self-paced Learning 

In the 6-hour self-paced learning, participants are provided with online learning components including videos, online exercises and references.  The self-paced learning will take place at the PTIP Moodle Course at https://moodle2122.vtc.edu.hk/.

Completion Requirement

To complete the programme, participants are required to watch the module instructional videos and complete the multiple choice exercises of each module in the PTIP Moodle Course. 

Module Description

Positive communication and a well-planned lesson are equally important in facilitating effective learning. In this module, skills for motivating and managing the learning environment of diverse learners will be highlighted. Core theories and concepts on learning and teaching, and assessment will also be introduced with the application in the VTC context.

On completion of the module, participants would be able to:

  • review the characteristics of diverse learners and their learning styles; 
  • employ appropriate teaching strategies to foster a positive learning environment; and 
  • select appropriate teaching and learning activities, and assessment tasks to meet the desired learning outcomes

Vocational Training Council (VTC) advocates e-Learning in learning and teaching. In this module, participants will learn about the pedagogy and the functions of Moodle with hands-on practice. This module also provides a broad overview on how technology enhanced learning (TEL) is used to facilitate different pedagogical approaches, and illustrates good practices of TEL in the classroom.

On completion of the module, participants would be able to:

  • identify the VTC policy of using the Central Moodle Platform; 
  • use basic functions to deliver teaching and learning resources and interact with students at the Central Moodle Platform; and 
  • select appropriate technology enhanced learning (TEL) strategies to promote learning and teaching.

Professional Development

2021-10-04 (Monday)09:00 - 23:30Part-time Teacher Induction Programme (PTIP) AY2021/22Online - Moodle


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