Research Skills Training Series

Research benefits teaching and students' learning experiences. Research-informed teaching (RiT) takes different forms and has become a common practice in higher education. In the fast changing society of the 21st century, keeping abreast of up-to-date knowledge and trends is key to success in the field of education. Through research design, data collection and analysis, findings discussion and presentation, RiT engages teachers and students in systematic inquiry activities in the learning and teaching process. The process of doing research not only enrich learning and teaching strategies, but also builds important transferable skills that are useful for education articulation and subsequent career development both in the academic and work environment .

The Research Skills Training (RST) Series invites experienced academics and research experts from different fields and areas to deliver training to strengthen the research capability and culture within VTC.  

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the series are:

  • To encourage the use of research-informed teaching approach in vocational and professional education and training 
  • To equip colleagues with research knowledge and skills to conduct and lead research activities to inform learning and teaching  
  • To enhance the learning and teaching effectiveness by linking research and teaching 


Miss LAM Yee Shun, Rechell
Senior Project Officer
Tel: 2836-1811  

Ms LUK Wing Yin, Fiona
Project Officer
Tel: 2919-1559