Mission of the Centre for Learning and Teaching

The mission of the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is to support the teaching and instructing staff in the Vocational Training Council (VTC) to pursue excellence in learning and teaching to facilitate effective implementation of the VTC's Strategic Plan.

Core Values

Agility - To be adaptive, flexible and responsive to meet changing needs and challenges.

Creativity - To embrace creativity and innovative approaches to drive progress.

Excellence - To pursue high quality and continuous improvement.

Synergy - To create synergy and strength through effective partnership.

Major Services provided by the CLT

Teacher Training - The CLT provides training for teaching and instructing staff to promote effective, innovative and quality learning and teaching.

Curriculum Support - The CLT provides support on instructional design for learning and teaching.

Teaching Resources Development - The CLT provides support on the development of resources for learning and teaching.

Media Services - The CLT provides media services, including graphic design, multimedia production and live streaming for learning and teaching.

Studies and Special Projects - The CLT undertakes VPET-related studies and extends support to special projects to facilitate learning and teaching initiatives.

The CLT also serves as the secretariat of the Learning and Teaching Steering Committee (LTSC), supporting the LTSC in formulating implementation guidelines on learning and teaching strategies, sharing good practices and promoting continuous improvements in learning and teaching activities in the VTC.