Recorded Training Videos

2020-08-12 (Wednesday) Supporting Student Collaboration with Trello

2020-08-14 (Friday) Facilitating Group Work Assignments with Mindmeister and Showbie

2020-08-17 (Monday) Practical Tips for Interactive Online Teaching

2020-08-18 (Tuesday) Make Your Instructional Videos Interactive

2020-08-27 (Thursday) Simple Guide to Making Your Own Instructional Videos

2020-11-25 (Wednesday) Moving to Virtual Teaching and Learning: Success and Challenges 

2020-11-30 (Monday) Conducting an Effective Online Lesson with Microsoft Teams

2020-12-02 (Wednesday) Conducting an Effective Online Lesson with Microsoft Teams

2020-12-04 (Friday) Conducting an Effective Online Lesson with Microsoft Teams

2020-12-18 (Friday) Learning Design for Delivering Content Knowledge Online

2021-01-19 (Tuesday) Artificial Intelligence for Learning and Teaching: Why Bother? And Where to Start? (Re-run)

2021-02-09 (Tuesday) Tips for Engaging Student in Delivering Content Knowledge Online

2021-02-22 (Monday) Enhancing Students' Interaction and Engagement in Online Learning and Teaching

2021-02-23 (Tuesday) Empowering Teachers and Students with Skills for the Future Workplace

2021-03-15 (Monday) Become an Instructional Video Creator

2021-07-23 (Friday) Dialogues with Sammy: Tips to Grab Students' Attention Online

2021-08-11 (Wednesday) Supercharge Your Skills for Online Teaching Tools Series: Moodle Hacks: New Features You Need to Know for Blended Lessons

2021-08-17 (Tuesday) Supercharge Your Skills for Online Teaching Tools Series: Upgrade Your Knowledge of Blended Learning Tools in 90 Minutes

2021-11-10 (Wednesday) The Show Must Go On - Sports media as a Lecture

2021-11-17 (Wednesday) Enhancing Learning and Teaching with IntelliBoard: A New Learning Analytics Tool in Moodle

2021-12-01 (Wednesday) Affordances and Challenges of AI in Higher Education

2022-03-02 (Wednesday) Using a Smartphone and Latest Technologies to Enhance the Production of Video-based Teaching Materials

2022-04-28 (Thursday) Using Respondus 4.0 to Create Moodle E-assessment Efficiently

2022-05-10 (Tuesday) BLS Series Module 3: Creating an Instructional Video for Blended Learning

2022-05-12 (Thursday) Transforming Modern Classroom with Virtual Interactive Learning Space for Explorative Learning (Re-run)

2022-08-26 (Friday) Editing and Creating Teaching Materials with DaVinci

2022-10-12 (Wednesday) Enhancing Feedback Quality: Using Audio, Video and Other Creative Forms of Feedback

2022-11-22 (Tuesday) Creating a Feedback-Rich Learning Community with Online Assessment

2022-12-14 (Wednesday) Adopting Learning Analytics to Enhance Learning and Teaching

2023-01-06 (Friday) All the Basics You Need to Know About VR, AR and MR

2023-01-13 (Friday) Metaverse Development and its Application in Educational Context

2023-02-15 (Wednesday) Taking Your Teaching Out of the Box with Mixed Reality (MR)

2023-12-07 (Thursday) Unlocking the Power of AI in Education