Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, participants would be able to: 

  • describe the mission and vision, structure and learning and teaching culture in the VTC  
  • explain the current educational issues in Hong Kong relating to vocational and professional education and training (VPET)  
  • apply various learning and teaching approaches in order to cater for different learning styles and enhancing motivation  
  • identify the link between modules, learning outcomes and assessment  
  • motivate and manage student behaviours for effective learning and teaching  
  • suggest appropriate strategies and support to cater for students' mental health concern and diverse needs  
  • reflect upon one's philosophy of education as part of the professional development  
  • build a learning community to promote collaborative support and share good learning and teaching practices

Programme Structure

The programme comprises six modules with different learning modes, an online self-paced learning module on Moodle and a module to reflect on participants' learning and teaching (See Table 1). . Each module is equivalent to 4 hours long. In Modules 2 to 5, there are 3 hours of class contact and an hour of extended learning activities. The total number of hours is 24. 

Table 1: Programme Structure





Teaching in the VTC



Using Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) to Facilitate Teaching



Learning and Assessment



Classroom Management for Motivation and Learning



Catering Mental Health Wellness and Diverse Learning Needs for Students



Teaching Reflection


Mode of Delivery

Our modules include lectures, discussions and class observation. The learning management platform (Moodle) and group collaboration tools are used to facilitate participants' learning. 

Completion Requirement

To complete the programme, participants are also required to complete Modules 1 to 6, and attend the workshops of Modules 2 to 5. A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the above.

Module Description

This module aims to provide new teachers with an overview of VTC's provisions and learning and teaching in relation to VTC's mission and vision. It also introduces Study Pace List@MyPortal, quality assurance system and copyright issues in VTC. 

By introducing VTC's learning and teaching philosophy, this module looks into students' characteristics in order to align their prior learning background to the curriculum for a better learning and teaching experience. 

On completion of the module, participants would be able to: 

  • summarise facts about VTC's structure and provisions; 
  • describe the characteristics of teachers and students; and 
  • relate learning and teaching practices with VTC's teaching philosophy and qualifications framework. 

This module aims to equip new teachers with basic knowledge and skills to use technology in learning and teaching. In this module, an overview on how technology enhanced learning (TEL) can be used in both online and face-to-face classroom with different pedagogical approaches will be provided. Participants will also learn the basic functions of the Learning Management Platform (LMP) and the applications in VTC to enhance teaching effectiveness. 

On completion of the module, participants would be able to: 

  • discuss the implementation of TEL approach and its benefits; 
  • use basic functions of the LMP and the applications of VTC to facilitate teaching and interact with students; and 
  • select appropriate TEL strategies to promote learning and teaching. 

In constructive alignment, teachers start with the outcomes they intend students to achieve, and align teaching and assessment to those outcomes. In this module, a holistic approach to planning for an active learning class will be introduced, and the importance of a well-thought-out selection of assessment methods that are aligned with the intended learning outcomes at the module level would be explored. 

On completion of the module, participants would be able to: 

  • plan for active learning activities to engage student learning; 
  • identify the purposes and key principles of assessment; and 
  • select teaching and learning activities and assessment methods that are aligned with the intended learning outcomes. 

Effective classroom management strategies help create an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching. Practical motivation skills to facilitate learning and teaching will be introduced to provide participants with methods in managing their classes. 

 On completion of the module, participants would be able to: 

  • identify practical approaches to increase students' learning motivation;  
  • promote an effective learning atmosphere through building good rapport with students; and 
  • suggest appropriate strategies to prevent and handle behavioural problems in VTC's learning environment.

This module aims to raise teachers' awareness of the importance of mental health for students and their diverse learning needs. It would equip teachers with skills, knowledge, and a positive attitude towards promotion of mental health for all students and enhance ability to cater for the diverse learning needs of students. Real life cases and experience would be shared in the module for preparing teachers for a meaningful teaching journey in the VTC. 

 On completion of the module, participants would be able to: 

  • identify characteristics and detect early signs of mental concerns of students;  
  • describe learning and teaching practices that promote positive mental health and effective learning for students with diverse learning needs ; and  
  • discuss appropriate strategies and support to students with mental health concerns and diverse learning needs.

The aim of this module is to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on the challenging issues encountered in their teaching in the VTC, and how they could apply the skills learnt from this programme to tackle these challenges. Participants are required to complete a self-arranged activity to integrate what they have learnt throughout the programme. 

Participants have to arrange a class observation session and conduct professional exchange on learning and teaching with the professional staff of CLT. 

On completion of the module, participants would be able to: 

  • apply theories and teaching strategies learnt in their own teaching environment; and 
  • reflect upon one's philosophy of education as part of the professional development. 


Nomination Form


ITP Flyer


    •  Is it necessary for SHAPE colleagues to enrol for the ITP programme?  

As endorsed by VETAB at its meeting held on 27 May 2009, starting from AY 2009/2010, all newly-recruited full-time teaching and instructing staff in IVE,   SBI, HKDI, YC, HTI/CCI/ICI, Pro-Act Centres and Shine Skills Centres are required to attend the Introduction to Teaching Programme (ITP) offered by the CLT within the first year of service with the VTC.  

SHAPE colleagues could enrol for the programme in their needs.  

    • Are there any exemptions offered if I have obtained other teaching or training qualifications?  

No exemption for the whole programme is accepted, as the programme is specially designed in the VTC context. 

    • Are there any exemptions if I have taken some of the modules of ITP before AY 2010/2011?  

No exemption is granted if you have just taken some of the modules of ITP before AY2009/2010, as the programme framework has been revamped starting since AY 2009/2010.  

    • Do I need to attend the programme if I am on term employment terms?  

Newly-recruited full-time teaching and instructing staff on both NRP and Term employment terms working in IVE, SBI, HKDI, YC, HTI/CCI/ICI, Pro-Act Centres and Shine Skills Centres are required to attend the programme.  

    • If I have the ITP certificate issued by the CLT or former TLC, do I need to complete any ITP programmes offered?  

It is not necessary for you to complete any ITP programmes offered.  

    • I am working full-time as teaching staff in the VTC starting from August 2009. Do I need to attend the programme?  

No, but all teachers who are interested in the programme are welcome to attend our class.  

    • If I have worked as a part-time teacher in the VTC for over 1 year, do I need to take the ITP programme?  

You are still required to take the ITP programme.  

    • If I change my posting from IVE(ST) to IVE(MH), do I need to take the programme?  

It is not necessary if you are a teaching staff with over one year of service.  

    • I can check VTC email yet I cannot logon to the Moodle platform. This forbids me to access the ITP extended learning activities. What should I do? 

Please visit our Moodle Resources Website if you still encounter access problems.


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