Campus Tour of VAR Showcase

**Only choose one session of them**

Date :

Time :

Venue :

Session 1 :

2021-05-14 (Friday)

14:30 - 16:30

Room 009,Child Education Centre for Teaching and Learning(CECTL) and Xensory Lab, IVE(ST)

Session 2 :

2021-06-11 (Friday)

15:00 - 17:00

Rm 854B, VR Welding Showroom,Kwai Chung Complex

Session 3 :

2021-06-24 (Thursday)

15:00 - 17:00

Rm 704, 7/F, VTC Pokfulam Complex

Session 4 :

2021-06-25 (Friday)

15:00 - 17:00

HealthTech Centre,IVE (Kwai Chung)


2 hours

Medium of Instruction :

Cantonese with English Materials

Category :

Digital Learning and Teaching

Level :


Mode of Study :


About the Event :

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) has been one of the VTC's Strategic Initiatives in learning and teaching since 2015. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VAR) Technology is one of the key elements in TEL, which is widely used for enriching student's hands-on training authenticity and enhancing learning motivation in VPET education. TEL projects and VAR applications are developed as innovative technologies to enhance learning and teaching in VTC. Some pilot VAR projects were done with good results and the know-how was shared. The implementation of TEL as pedagogical approach was then incorporated into the learning and teaching in VTC.

Currently, different academic disciplines have developed attractive VR or AR applications to enhance students' learning experiences. To share their good practices, the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) has lined up the disciplines and organised 4 campus tours, inviting teaching staff to experience different types of VAR application in the designated locations.

Training Descriptions




Childcare, Elderly and Community Services


  1. Sensory Challenges of a Child with SEN
  2. Kids' Greenway Project: Biodiversity Augmented Reality(AR)

In the showcase, the applications of “Sensory Challenges of a Child with SEN” and “Kids' Greenway Project: Biodiversity Augmented Reality(AR)” would be demonstrated.

The Sensory Challenge of a Child with SEN provides students with the first-hand experience of a child with sensory processing disorder (autism spectrum disorder) through the VR scenarios. Through the kindergarten classroom setting and sensory simulation, students can experience with SEN children's difficulties in interacting with people and environment.

Kids' Greenway Project: Biodiversity Augmented Reality(AR) activates forty Hong Kong local biodiversity 3D models and animations of the 2D picture book “出發吧!箭豬波波”, tailor-made for K3 students aged 5-6. It allows students to explore the interesting features such as physical characteristics and lifestyle of the local species.

Youth College

VR Welding

In the showcase, the “VR Welding” application would be demonstrated.

The VR welding simulates oneself in a real scene to conduct welding practice under a safe and comfortable environment. In addition to technical training, there is also safety training to prevent injuries in the virtual reality.

Hot? Burns? Frightened for welding?

In this VR learning, these no longer exist. 



  1. Event Space Design MR
  2. Roast Pig VR
  3. Theme Park 360 VR


In the showcase, the applications of “Event Space Design MR”, “Roast Pig VR” and “Theme Park 360 VR” would be demonstrated.

The Event Space Design MR introduces different set-ups in banquet and table setting under the first-person experience of event space authentic environment. The application integrates the virtual objects with the real environment to provide simulations of various decorated event spaces. Students can move around the virtual objects such as tables, chairs and other related decorations to set up a venue for designated purposes.

The Roast Pig VR shows the process of preparing a roast pig in an authentic kitchen environment with required cooking utensils and equipment. The game and quiz-based application provides an interactive virtual environment for students to equip the knowledge and gain hands-on experience of cooking a roast pig.

The Theme Park 360 VR provides a first-person experience of touring at an international theme park (HK Disneyland) in Hong Kong. Students can explore various areas and features of The HK Disneyland in the classroom by using VR glasses and smartphones. With the VR application, classroom learning can be interesting and authentic with the aid of real life examples or real scenarios.

Health and Life Sciences


  1. BodyMap VR System
  2. VAST
  3. Wet Market

In the showcase, the interactive games for cognitive training :“BodyMap VR System”, “Rehabilitation Kinect Application (VAST)” and “Wet Market”, would be demonstrated.

BodyMap VR System replicates human anatomy accurately in Virtual Reality. The selected parts of human anatomy can be hided, revealed and restored, which help students to gain understanding of anatomy. The system can identify physiological pathways, and potential interactions among regions of interests.

Training Schedule 


Date and Time



Childcare, Elderly and Community Services


14 May 2021(Fri)


Room 009,Child Education Centre for Teaching and Learning(CECTL) and Xensory Lab, IVE(ST)

Dr Heidi CHENG and

Ms Heidi LAM

Youth College

11 June 2021(Fri)


Rm 854B,

 Kwai Chung Complex

Mr. LO Tak Fuk and

Mr. CHOI Ka Shing



24 June 2021(Thu)

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Rm 704, 7/F, 

VTC Pokfulam Complex

Mr. Jack CHEUNG and

Mr. Alex HO

(Food and Beverage Section, HTI/CCI/ICI, HT Discipline)

Lift Lobby, B2, 

ICI Building

Mr. Ted WONG (Chinese Food Preparation Section, HTI/CCI/ICI, HT Discipline)

Lift Lobby, B2, 

ICI Building

Ms. Beatrice Lei (Event Management Section,

HTI/CCI/ICI, HT Discipline)

Health and Life Sciences


25 June 2021(Fri)


HealthTech Centre,

IVE (Kwai Chung)

Ms Christine WONG and

Ms Remi WANG


Intended Learning Outcomes :

Upon the completion of this training, the participants would be able to:

• identify the features of VAR Technology; and

• reflect the use of VAR Technology in practical training.

Target Audience :

VTC Teaching and Instructing Staff

Enquiry :

Ms LAU Sin Yee, Ciny
Project Officer
Tel: 2836-1759