Compelling Visual Presentation Design: Tips and Techniques for Effective Presentation

Date :

2024-03-26 (Tuesday)

Time :

14:30 - 16:30

Venue :

Online - Microsoft Teams


2 hours

Medium of Instruction :


Category :

TT03A - Pedagogy

Level :


Mode of Study :


About the Event :

A carefully designed and well-thought presentation of teaching contents greatly facilitates learning and teaching in class. In order to enhance student learning effectiveness, multiple tools can be utilised to enrich teaching material design, especially for creating teaching-friendly visual presentations and infographics. Effective learning and teaching materials will enhance not only the presentation of teaching contents but student engagement during the learning process.

Facilitator(s) :

Mr LAM Yuk Pun, Stephen
Project Officer | Centre for Learning and Teaching

Intended Learning Outcomes :

On completion of the session, participants are expected to be able to:

  • explain the importance of well-structured and visually appealing teaching materials in enhancing student learning effectiveness;
  • identify and utilise multiple tools to enrich the design of teaching materials; and
  • apply the demonstrated tips and techniques to create compelling and teaching-friendly visual presentations and infographics.

Target Audience :

VTC Teaching and Instructing Staff

Enquiry :

Ms TSE Yin Fong, Joanne
Project Officer
Tel: 2836-1239