Enhancing Student Collaboration in PBL with Problem-solving Tools in Miro

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Session 1 :

2022-09-20 (Tuesday)

15:00 - 16:30


Session 2 :

2022-09-29 (Thursday)

15:00 - 16:30



1.5 hours

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Council Initiative

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About the Event :

In PBL, students need to apply higher-order thinking skills to analyse the situation and propose solutions to real-life problems. Also, they have to learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively with different parties during the process. In order to enhance students' competence in communicating and collaborating with teammates or stakeholders, different problem-solving tools will be introduced to and discussed with the participating teachers in this webinar. 

With a view to engaging students and facilitating collaborations among them, we will also explore the features of the online collaborative EdTech tool, Miro, for setting up the problem-solving tools.

Facilitator(s) :

Mr LAM Yuk Pun, Stephen
Project Officer | Centre for Learning and Teaching

Objectives :

This webinar aims to present different problem-solving tools for facilitating student collaborations with demonstration on the use of these tools on Miro.

Target Audience :

VTC Teaching and Instructing Staff

Enquiry :

Ms LEUNG Pui Sze, Patsy
Senior Project Officer
Tel: 3974-3667
E-mail: patsyleung@vtc.edu.hk

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