Discipline-based Distinguished Lecture Series: Workshop on “Learning Through Play: From Museum Interactives to Board Games”

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Date :

2016-02-16 (Tuesday)

Time :

14:00 - 17:00



Venue :

Room 1014, 10/F., VTC Tower

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Category :

Pedagogy and Assessment - Education/Information Technology

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About the Event :

One of the fundamental pleasures that make us human is our sense of play. We play for fun, we play to learn, and often we play together. However in a highly digitised world of digitised play or gaming, there are growing concerns about how this may affect young adults. This workshop will consider how non-digital games can be usefully developed to enable ‘learning through play' for students. With an emphasis on collaboration, we will consider the process of how educational games or ‘interactives' are designed in the museum environment and how many of these processes translate to games elsewhere. The workshop brief will also consider how games can be exploited in the classroom to create fun and provide collaborative learning experiences for students. The workshop will offer the opportunity to apply the principles discussed to the design of a non-digital game.

Facilitator(s) :

Ms Pam Locker

Following a successful career designing award winning interactive and interpretive galleries for the museum and heritage sectors, Ms Pam Locker was appointed programme leader for BA(Hons) Design for Exhibition and Museums at the University of Lincoln (UK) and became a full time academic. Up until her recent retirement she was a Principal Teaching Fellow at the university and her research profile is predominantly pedagogic. Most notably she has had a book published for students entitled Interior Basics: Exhibition Design (AVA in Switzerland) and is a published children's board game designer. Ms Pam has designed and consulted for a range of communicative environments from commercial and brand focused exhibitions, to museum and heritage design. Expo encompasses all these environments and over the years has developed into a specialist interest, generating a number of lecture series, many student projects and Expo visits.

Intended Learning Outcomes :

Participants are able to: 1) illustrate the relationships between museum interactives and other games; 2) explore how games can be used to support student collaboration and education; 3) offer strategies for the design and development of simple non-digital games; and 4) develop playful educational tools to enhance learning.

Target Audience :

All VTC Staff

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