About the Programme

The Central Moodle platform has been updated to version 3.2 and all teaching staff can access the platform to manage their online modules. To equip teachers with necessary skills, a series of hands-on workshops on the following topics are organised for you. Details are as follows: 

Workshop Title

Intended Learning Outcomes

Kickstart with Moodle

·         Use Management Utilities System to create a Moodle course

·         Enrol students in batch

·         Upload and organise course materials

·         Manage your Moodle course and students' progresses

Using “VTC@HK IM” Application to Enhance Teachers and Students' Communication

·         Explain the advantages of using “VTC@HK IM”

·         Create group and set up discussion forum in Moodle Course

·         Change the setting and edit the profile in “VTC@HK IM”

·         Use “VTC@HK IM” to send and receive text and audio messages

Using VeriGuide Anti-plagiarism Software for Moodle Assignment

·         Create an online assignment

· Recognise the process of viewing an originality report and similarity rate

·         Download and grade students' submission

·         Manage students' grades

Creating Online Quizzes on Moodle

· Construct MC, matching and short answer questions to assess students' learning progresses

·         Form quizzes & question sets as assessment tasks

·         Import questions with Respondus software to form quizzes

Target Participants

All teaching and supporting staff


Enrolment Procedures

Please enrol online. Applications are available on a first-come-first-served basis. The attendance record of the workshop will be sent to HRD for updating participants' CPD records. 


Ms LAU Wing Yee
Project Officer
Tel: 2919-1460  
E-mail: winglau@vtc.edu.hk