About the Programme

In this season, the Centre for Learning and Teaching has prepared seven new workshop titles and two re-run titles in five areas, including “Enhancing Teaching Skills”, “Students' Diverse Needs”, “Professional Development” “Assessment” and “Enabling e-Learning” to all teaching staff. Teachers who want to polish their teaching and communication skills by understanding more about how students think and learn, may be interested in “Catering for Generation Z Students” and “Unleash Students' Potentials with Effective Vocabulary Learning Strategies”. The workshop of “Handling Students with Difficult Personalities” would provide an idea to teacher on how to deal with students' diverse needs.

Assessment can be done in many different ways. Teacher may find difficulties in students' group work. The workshop of “Assessing Group Work” will discuss major issues involved in the assessment of group work. With an aim to promote assessment “for” learning, the workshop of “Using Objective Test Items in Classroom Learning” would introduce the ways to design objective test questions that would facilitate learning in the classroom.

There are three workshops for teachers to develop professionalism in teaching, including “Effective Coaching Skills for Teachers to Enhance Student Performance”, “Creating a Professional Teaching Portfolio” and “Effective Communication with Your Voice”. In addition to the above, teachers may also want to develop and update their e-learning knowledge and skills. The workshops of “Design Video Resources to Facilitate Self-directed Learning in Flipped Classroom” will provide a hands-on training on how to design video resources to facilitate learning and teaching in flipped classroom.

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Module Description


2016-01-14 (Thursday)09:30 - 12:30Assessing Group Work (NEW)Room 1107, 11/F., VTC Tower
2016-01-14 (Thursday)09:30 - 12:30Assessing Group Work (NEW)Room 1107, 11/F., VTC Tower

Students’ Diverse Needs

2016-01-13 (Wednesday)14:00 - 17:00Handling Students with Difficult PersonalitiesRoom 1108, 11/F, VTC Tower


Enrolment Procedure

You may enrol ONLINE, OR 

Download the enrolment form and send it to CLT by fax at 2904 7479.

Please note that all online enrolment will be closed 3 days before the workshop commences. If you missed any designated online enrolment time, please download the enrolment form, complete and fax it to CLT. 

As the seats of the individual workshop are limited, seats will be allocated on a “first-come, first-served” basis. A maximum of 3 enrolments will be offered to each teaching staff for this season's programme workshop. Applicants will be notified of their enrolment status in separate e-mails.


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