About the Programme

The Induction Training for SHAPE teaching staff programme is offered by the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). This 6-hour programme aims at providing new SHAPE teaching staff with a better understanding of current educational trends in Hong Kong and issues related to learning and teaching of VTC's collaborative learning programmes.

Target Participants

The Induction Training for SHAPE Teaching Staff is a voluntary programme for all new SHAPE teaching staff with full-time or part-time teaching responsibilities of collaborative learning programmes.


This programme aims to equip participants with the sufficient knowledge, skills and attitudes of undergraduate education. The objectives are as follows:

  •  ensure effective teaching performance 
  • provide a platform for new teachers to network and build support and commitment 
  • value oneself as a teacher and approach teaching in a professional and reflective way 
  • be more attuned to VTC's philosophy about learning and teaching 


Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be expected to be able to:

  •  discuss the implications for learning and teaching in relation to current changes in education 
  • engage in active discussions on the learning styles of students studying collaborative learning programmes 
  • identify effective approaches to motivate and enhance student learning 
  • foster relationships and promote mutual support among teaching staff who share similar pedagogical interests

Programme Structure

The programme comprises two modules, “Understanding Outcome-based Approach to Learning and Teaching” and “Facilitating Student Learning in Undergraduate Education”. Each module is equivalent to three hours of class contact. The total number of hours is 6.

Mode of Delivery

Our modules include lectures, group discussions and sharing. Participants will engage in discussions and hands-on activities.

Completion Requirement

To complete the programme, participants must attend Modules 1 to 2. A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of all the modules.

Module Description

This module provides participants with the essential knowledge to quality assurance of Non-local Learning Programmes (NLPs). Other than covering the concepts of outcome-based approach to learning and teaching, this module also includes ways of benchmarking the NLPs against the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF).

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the module, participants are expected to be able to:

  •  explain the recent development of Non-local Learning Programmes (NLPs) in Hong Kong 
  • articulate the major considerations in QF level determination
  • identify the links between feedback and learning

This module introduces strategies for enhancing students' transferrable skills including self-management skill, creativity, communication skill, critical thinking, etc., aiming at promoting students' independent learning and developing them as autonomous and lifelong learners.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the module, participants are expected to be able to:

  •  describe the characteristics of undergraduate students who are studying collaborative learning programmes and their prior learning background 
  • align learning and teaching activities and assessment with intended learning outcomes (ILOs) 
  • use appropriate learning and teaching and assessment strategies to promote learning 
  • give constructive feedback for improving learning in tutorials and discussion sessions 



For enquiries, please contact us for details:

Miss LAM Yee Shun, Rechell
Senior Education Development Officer
Tel: 2836-1811  
E-mail: rechelllam@vtc.edu.hk