Distinguished Lecture Series

In the last decade, educational reforms in Europe and Australia begin to bring academic and vocational education and training (VET) into a “unified curriculum”. There is a view that these higher levels of vocational qualifications, new kinds of knowledge and skills will transcend the dichotomy between academic and VET. However, some say that the new moves affect both academic and vocational tracks, and gradually vocational education loses its distinctive identity (Raffe, 2002). Given the above, it is interesting to look into the global trends of VET for a better understanding of VET's current positioning and issues on teaching practices for insights. It is hoping that seminars/workshops of the Distinguished Lecture Series would be able to shed light on strengthening VTC's position in the overall education and training landscape.

Aims and Objectives

The series aims at providing participants the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest practices in the vocational education and training (VET). Participants will be able to actively engage in discussions that will deepen their understanding of the learning and teaching related issues in VET. In this series, our distinguished speakers representing an exciting diversity of regions and cultures will express their valuable ideas and views on the current practices and way forward in VET, as well as sharing their extensive experiences by adopting different approaches in learning and teaching in different regions.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the series, participants would be able to:

  • address new paradigms in vocational education and training including linkages with the world of work and contemporary issues 
  • discuss practical tips for making referrals to appropriate strategies and resources across the world 
  • exchange ideas and views in a seminar that encouraging respectful dialogue

2017-08-21 (Monday)15:00 - 17:00Distinguished Lecture Series: Seminar on “The Role of Interdisciplinarity in the Academic Sector – HKUST’s Experience”Room LT01, IVE(MH)
2017-08-17 (Thursday)14:00 - 17:00Distinguished Lecture Series: Workshop on “Teaching with Technology: Using Active Learning Instructional Strategies to Create Excitement and Enhance Project Learning”Room 1107, 11/F., VTC Tower
2017-08-16 (Wednesday)15:00 - 17:00Distinguished Lecture Series: Seminar on “Facilitating Project Learning to Articulate Students’ Higher Order Thinking”Room 701, 7/F., VTC Tower
2017-06-14 (Wednesday)09:30 - 11:30Distinguished Lecture Series: Seminar on “A Quest for Innovation: Singapore Polytechnic’s Design Thinking Journey”Room 701, 7/F., VTC Tower
2016-12-15 (Thursday)14:00 - 17:00Distinguished Lecture Series: Workshop on “The Development of Academic Practice at Institutional Level”Room 806, 8/F., VTC Tower
2016-12-15 (Thursday)10:00 - 12:00Distinguished Lecture Series: Seminar on “Learning in the 21st Century”Jockey Club Lecture Theater (IVE/MH)
2016-02-16 (Tuesday)14:00 - 17:00Discipline-based Distinguished Lecture Series: Workshop on “Learning Through Play: From Museum Interactives to Board Games”Room 1014, 10/F., VTC Tower
2016-02-15 (Monday)15:30 - 17:00Discipline-based Distinguished Lecture Series: Lecture on “Reconstructing Internationalisation: How Does Expo Nurture Global Citizens?”Room 701, 7/F., VTC Tower
2015-11-04 (Wednesday)14:00 - 17:00Distinguished Lecture Series: Workshop of “What Do Educators and Their Institutions Need to Make Mobile Learning a Reality? An Introduction to the iPAC Toolkit and Mobile Learning Resources Network”Room 1104, 11/F., VTC Tower


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