Greetings from CLT!

On the first day of school, many teachers would kick off the new academic year by giving words of encouragement to their students. If you are going to do so, would you consider sharing with your students about the secret to outstanding achievement?

Grit has been a very popular word among educators in America after psychologist Angela Duckworth released her research in 2016 that, the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence, which she calls grit. Grit has become a more reliable indicator for a person's success than intelligence quotient (IQ). Therefore, while some students tend to underestimate their potential and development in studies for their so-so intelligence from their perspectives, why don't we inspire our students with grit's most valuable insight: grit can be learnt, regardless of IQ or circumstances; any effort you make ultimately counts twice toward your goal?

Wish you all a happy and rewarding academic year ahead!



心理學家Angela Duckworth 在2016年發表她的研究,卓越成就的關鍵並非天資,而是熱誠與堅持的奇妙融合,她稱之為意志力(grit)。隨後,意志力在美國的教育工作者中隨即成為了一個非常流行的詞彙。要預計一個人能否成功,意志力已經變成了比智商更可靠的指標。因此,當我們部分學生有感自己天資平庸而傾向低估自己的學習潛力和發展時,我們何不以意志力最寶貴的見解─「不論你的智商或其他狀況如何,人人都能學習到意志力,而你所作的努力對實踐目標終歸會有雙倍作用」來激勵我們的學生呢?