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Experiencing VR-assisted Learning through Engaging in Simulated Activities

Experiencing VR-assisted Learning through Engaging in Simulated Activities

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2017/09/26 (Tuesday)


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Room C120, VR/AR Learning Zone, STEM Education Centre



Pedagogy and Assessment


Teaching Strategies




Colleagues from CLT , AME & VR/AR Programme development team

About the Tour:

The application of AR and VR technologies opens up a new possibility to enhance learning and teaching as it can arouse students’ interests in learning to promote collaboration among teachers and students. This tour is designed for teachers to explore a VR-assisted learning environment and handle basic components and tools in the VR-based Simulation System (VRSS). In addition, experience sharing on planning, designing and conducting learning activities for VR–assisted learning will also be given to participants.


  • to provide participants with experience of learning in a virtual environment through engaging in simulated activities of an Engineering topic at the VR-based Simulation System (VRSS)
  • to provide participants with tips and tricks of planning and designing learning activities in the VRSS
  • to provide participants with basic techniques of operating the VR System and the related tools and facilities at the VRSS

Target Participants

All VTC staff are welcome.

Medium of Instruction

The lesson and the tour will be conducted in Cantonese and supplemented with English.

Enrolment Procedures

Please enrol online. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. The attendance record of this workshop will be sent to HRD for updating participants’ CPD records.

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For enquiries, please contact us for details:

Dr. William Leung
Senior Education Development Officer
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Ms. Ciny Lau
Education Development Officer
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