Applying ‘Character Strengths’ to Build Students’ Confidence

Date :

2016-02-25 (Thursday)

Time :

14:00 - 17:00

Venue :

Room 1014, 10/F., VTC Tower


3 hours

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Category :

Generic Competencies - Staff Development

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About the Event :

This workshop aims to introduce the language of Character Strengths which is used as a tool to build students' confidence. In the workshop, the Classification of Character Strengths will be introduced and participants will have chance to reflect on their own Character Strengths profile, including ownership of one's signature strengths as well as awareness of the shadow-side of particular strengths through practical activities. A strengths-based approach is used to help students understand themselves better and build self-confidence.

Facilitator(s) :

Kwok Kai Chun Remus(郭啟晉) (Reg. Social worker)

Mr Kwok is the Project Officer of Positive Education Training and Research Unit, Department of Applied Social Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong. He has been delivering Positive Education trainings and supports to non-governmental organizations and local schools since 2013. 

About the Positive Education Training and Research Unit of the City University of Hong Kong

The Department of Applied Social Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong – Positive Education Training and Research Unit pays great attention to research development. The unit aims to provide a mutual learning platform for people interested in Positive Psychology or Positive Education via online community, monthly gatherings and participation in positive education research and training projects, to share their knowledge and insights in positive education.

Intended Learning Outcomes :

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  •  identify the key elements in the Character Strengths Classification 
  • identify elements in applying the framework of Character Strengths to build students' confidence

Target Audience :

All VTC Staff

Enquiry :

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Tel: 2919-1436