Workshop on Experiencing VAR through various learning activities

Date :

2019-05-31 (Friday)

Time :

14:00 - 17:00

Venue :

Room C120, VR/AR Learning Zone, STEM Education Centre, IVE (TY)


3 hrs hours

Medium of Instruction :

Cantonese with English Materials

Category :

Pedagogy and Assessment - Education/Information Technology

Level :


Mode of Study :


About the Event :

The use of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VAR) has become increasingly popular in learning and teaching to arouse students' learning motivation and engagement. Lessons are more interesting and information is perceived better with assistance of VAR. Through the learning activities conducted in VR CAVE and with the aid of head-mounted display (HMD), participants are able to experience the immersive VR environment and better understand the learning effectiveness from the learners' perspective. In addition, the advantages of using VAR in learning and teaching and the methodology of VAR lesson planning would be examined in the workshop. 

Facilitator(s) :

Mr Hermus Wong
Miss Charlotte Lee

Intended Learning Outcomes :

On the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. identify the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VAR) in the context of vocational and professional education and training;
2. describe the advantages of using VAR in learning and teaching; and 
3. identify the key elements in planning and designing VAR lesson. 

Target Audience :

All VTC teaching and instructing staff

Enquiry :

Mr WONG Sai Wing, Hermus
Education Development Officer
Tel: 2836-1033  

Miss LEE Man Wai, Charlotte
Project Officer
Tel: 2836-1952