Make a Difference in Student Engagement with Blended Learning Approach (Re-run)

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Date :

2018-01-17 (Wednesday)

Time :

14:00 - 17:00



Venue :

Room 1107, 11/F., VTC Tower

Seat(s) :


Medium of Instruction :


Category :

Pedagogy and Assessment - Teaching Strategies

Level :


Mode Of Study :


About the Event :

Classroom direct instruction often creates a learning culture of a passive listening mode. The workshop will combine the design of online and in-class learning tasks, to get your students engaged individually and in teams to build a capability of higher-order thinking.

The workshop will be covering the followings:

  • creating different types of quizzes in the video-based teaching materials 
  • creating a class profile from the quiz results with Bloom's revised taxonomy  
  • designing differentiated in-class learning tasks 
  • adopting peer instruction to consolidate conceptual understanding 
  • designing case-based/scenario-based teaching to cultivate systematic creative problem solving 

Facilitator(s) :

Guest facilitator: Dr Paula Hodgson

Dr Paula Hodgson has been working in higher education since 1997. Enthusiastic about innovative practices in learning, teaching and research, she worked in the Educational Development Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for almost ten years. Her work has involved a number of projects funded by Hong Kong's University Grants Committee, including Action Learning Project, Megaweb and e-Learning.

She has been exploring the design of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to gain an insight into personal experience on the tips and challenges of learning in MOOCs since 2014. She is currently extending her experiences to embrace a culture of channeling effective and innovative teaching and learning with faculty who pursue teaching excellence in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Intended Learning Outcomes :

On completion of this workshop, the participants would be able to:

  • design appropriate formative assessment in e-Learning content for pre-class activities; 
  • evaluate student performance of pre-class activities and design in-class activities; and 
  • differentiate instructional strategies for students to perform basic and higher-order thinking activities.  

Target Audience :

All VTC teaching and instructing staff are welcomed.

Enquiry :

Miss CHAN Hing Yui, Nichole
Education Development Officer
Tel: 2836-1083