Energise Your Teaching Style with KOL (教書都好KOL)

Date :

2023-12-18 (Monday)

Time :

15:00 - 17:00

Venue :

Room 701, 7/F., VTC Tower


2 hours

Medium of Instruction :


Category :

TT03A - Pedagogy

Level :


Mode of Study :


About the Event :

The facilitator (Keyman Ma) will share his experience in planning and conducting different activities as a KOL (Key Opinion Leader). Participants can learn from Keyman's expertise and gain valuable insights into the world of KOLs, alongside discovering ways to make their teaching or sharing more impactful. During the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to engage in simple interactive activities, which will enhance their training experience and understanding of the style of KOL.

Facilitator(s) :

Keyman Ma

Keyman is a famous sports KOL (Key Opinion Leader), and works as TV, radio programme host and football commentator. He has over 30 years of experience in different media, taking up different roles such as newspaper sports reporter, editor of a sports magazine, director of an online channel and founder of sports magazines and publications. In recent years, Keyman has worked actively behind the scene. In addition to organisation management, he plans different sports programmes for TV and online channels.

Objectives :

The seminar is aimed at empowering participants with practical tips and insights by showcasing the style and stories of the speaker, Keyman Ma, a successful sports KOL. Through the interactive activities in this seminar, participants will discover effective ways to build their own styles, skills in engaging and captivating their audience or students.

Target Audience :

VTC Teaching and Instructing Staff

Enquiry :

Mr LAM Yuk Pun, Stephen
Project Officer
Tel: 2919-1412
E-mail: yplam@vtc.edu.hk

Resources :

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