Teachers as Learners through Reflective Practice

Date :

2023-10-11 (Wednesday)

Time :

14:00 - 16:00

Venue :

Room 702, 7/F., VTC Tower


2 hours

Medium of Instruction :

Cantonese with English Materials

Category :

TT03A - Pedagogy

Level :


Mode of Study :


About the Event :

The role of reflective practice in the context of education has been widely recognised for its significance. By engaging in reflective practice, educators can effectively enhance their pedagogical approaches by identifying areas requiring improvement, generating innovative insights and promoting professional development.

This workshop is designed to investigate various theories and models of reflective practice, and to acquaint participants with tools for facilitating reflective practice and fostering a culture of reflection within classrooms. Practical illustrations will be provided to exemplify the application of this cycle in encouraging educators to contemplate their teaching practices and refine their instructional strategies.

Facilitator(s) :

Ms LEUNG Kin Yi, Promail

Promail Leung is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of the School-University Partnerships in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. With over 20 years of frontline teaching and leadership experience, Promail has been actively promoting different initiatives such as effective lesson observation for teacher development, tech-infused effective teaching in Science/STEAM classrooms, and teaching Science Education Key Learning Area in the English medium through teacher professional development seminars and workshops, and publications such as research papers and articles in a local newspaper.

In her teaching career, Promail has received multiple awards, notably from the Singapore Outstanding Educator-in-Residence (OEIR) Programme and the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence in Hong Kong. She also received dual awards of the University and Faculty Early Career Teaching Awards (2021) by the University of Hong Kong.  Apart from serving as an Independent Manager of local schools, she was a member of the Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals (COTAP) and the Committee on Certification for Principalship (CCFP).

Intended Learning Outcomes :

On completion of the workshop, participants would be able to:

- describe various concepts, theories and models of reflective practice; and

- construct good practices to improve teaching with respect to an Observation-Feedback-Practice cycle

Target Audience :

VTC Teaching and Instructing Staff

Enquiry :

Mr SIU Yan Piu, Samuel
Project Officer
Tel: 2836-1808
E-mail: samuelsiu@vtc.edu.hk