Distinguished Lecture Series: Seminar on “A Quest for Innovation: Singapore Polytechnic’s Design Thinking Journey”

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Date :

2017-06-14 (Wednesday)

Time :

09:30 - 11:30



Venue :

Room 701, 7/F., VTC Tower

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Generic Competencies - Staff Development

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About the Event :

This seminar introduces the Design Thinking (DT) journey of Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Mr Hee will talk about Singapore Polytechnic's rationale for embarking on DT in 2010 and how SP have made great stride in DT. Mr Hee will also explain how DT has transformed their students and teaching and learning approach in SP and how we used DT to redefine Engineering Education. As a recognised leader in DT, SP has participated in a number of national DT projects. Recently, SP has won the 2015 President's Design Award for her DT effort in the Library@Orchard project. Started from 2010, SP holds the annual Design Thinking Summit (DTS) with an aim to deliver insights on innovation thoughts through the eyes of SP's partners and collaborators who are at the forefront of apply DT and propelling changes in their organisations and thus to empower individuals with relevant knowledge to create an impact in the society.

Facilitator(s) :

Mr Hee Joh Liang

Mr Hee Joh Liang joined the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) in Feb 2009 as Deputy Principal (Development). Prior to joining SP, he worked in the education industry in the private sector. 

Mr Hee plays an important role as a change agent. Having championed the adoption of Design Thinking (DT) within the institution, he helped SP establish the User Experience Centre (UXc) which assists local enterprises and government agencies in using the fundamental principles of design to solve business and national challenges. Through these efforts, the local enterprises gain new insights, perspectives and possibilities for future strategic growth and success and the government agencies solved a number of “wicked” national problems. 

In his role as Deputy Principal, he pushes out pedagogical initiatives like the Pedagogy for the Professions to nurture SP graduates to not only have the knowledge, skills but also develops the habits of the mind of their profession. These initiatives are aligning with the Singapore's Skills Future initiative to develop a workforce that is highly skilled and future-ready.

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All VTC Staff

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