Distinguished Lecture Series: Workshop on “The Development of Academic Practice at Institutional Level”

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Date :

2016-12-15 (Thursday)

Time :

14:00 - 17:00



Venue :

Room 806, 8/F., VTC Tower

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Category :

Pedagogy and Assessment - TLP Development

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About the Event :

In the workshop, Mark will present his own University approach as a case study for critique, covering the last 10 years, with some international comparisons. Participants will work in small groups for deeper debate and discussion. The workshop will examine the changing external context of education and will explore a range of responses that might be made in developing and implementing academic strategy at School, Faculty, College or Institutional level.


  •  Academic strategy development processes 
  • The Academic Leadership challenge 
  • Developing academic capability and excellence – core practices 
  • The role of recognition and accreditation for teaching staff 
  • Creating academic communities of practice 
  • Optimising student engagement 

This workshop is suitable for those in an academic leadership role – from course/programme to institutional level.

Facilitator(s) :

Mr Mark Holton

Mark Holton is Director of Organisation Development for the University Group and a Director on the Board of CU Services Limited. Mark has been at the Coventry University since 2006, helping develop the Organisation Development response in support of the University's Teaching, Learning, Research and Global strategies. Before this, Mark worked in the private sector within Retail and Financial Services and in Consulting. 

Mark led the team that received the Times Higher award for Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development in Higher Education on behalf of the Coventry University in 2008. He also personally led the design and delivery of the 2012 Olympic Ambassador Training Programme for the Coventry Ambassadors. 

Mark has an MA in Strategic Human Resource Management and has worked in the fields of learning and leadership development for 30 years. His current interests lie in the arenas of intercultural aspects of Teaching, Learning and Leadership, alongside the impact that technology is having on learning and teaching. His personal recent international programme delivery includes the Far East, Southern Asia, the Middle East, West and South Africa.

Intended Learning Outcomes :

On completion of this workshop, the participants would be able to:

  •  Review their own strategy development process 
  • Evaluate a range of benchmarking options and the use of metrics within their own School, Faculty, College or Institution 
  • Develop a schema for academic development and consider a range of accredited and non-accredited development options for staff 
  • Establish practices that enhace the development of academic leadership and communities of learning amongst staff and students

Target Audience :

All VTC Staff

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