Discipline-based Distinguished Lecture Series: Lecture on “Reconstructing Internationalisation: How Does Expo Nurture Global Citizens?”

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Date :

2016-02-15 (Monday)

Time :

15:30 - 17:00



Venue :

Room 701, 7/F., VTC Tower

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Category :

Pedagogy and Assessment - Education/Information Technology

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About the Event :

Set against a historical backdrop, this lecture will illustrate how expositions and world fairs reflect the political, social, creative and technological changes of their time. They present an unique mirror image, captured in time, of national and international identities, ambitions and development. Often described as the cultural and economic equivalent of the Olympic Games, expositions have historically enabled countries from all over the world to gather together for a set period of time to share ideas and developments. In essence, they are about ‘showing off'. In an ever-connected world, expositions appear to still have relevance and play their part in internationalisation and education. An ambition of most participants is to positively influence the beliefs, understanding and behaviour of visitors towards the nations themselves and in more recent years, the themes of the event. This lecture will explore the notion of internationalisation and the nurturing of global citizens for the 21st century in the context of Expo.

Facilitator(s) :

Ms Pam Locker

Following a successful career designing award winning interactive and interpretive galleries for the museum and heritage sectors, Ms Pam Locker was appointed programme leader for BA(Hons) Design for Exhibition and Museums at the University of Lincoln (UK) and became a full time academic. Up until her recent retirement she was a Principal Teaching Fellow at the university and her research profile is predominantly pedagogic. Most notably she has had a book published for students entitled Interior Basics: Exhibition Design (AVA in Switzerland) and is a published children's board game designer. Ms Pam has designed and consulted for a range of communicative environments from commercial and brand focused exhibitions, to museum and heritage design. Expo encompasses all these environments and over the years has developed into a specialist interest, generating a number of lecture series, many student projects and Expo visits.

Intended Learning Outcomes :

Participants are able to: 1) develop a historical understanding of expositions and world fairs; 2) explore the notion of expositions as a ‘historical mirror' of society; 3) investigate the role of internationalisation in an exposition context; and 4) examine the part played by Expo in nurturing of global citizens.

Target Audience :

All VTC Staff

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